Guide for a correct purchase

What is the Drop?

The drop is a sartorial measurement used mainly for suits and jackets which indicates the difference between the half-circumference of the chest and the half-circumference of the waist. More the drop goes up(example drop7) and suit goes slimmer fitted, with wide shoulders and leaner hips (inverted triangle) becomes.

So it is recommended

  • Drop7 for slim build
  • Dro7Long for slim build with a height of over 1.90cm and long arms
  • Dro6 for regular build
  • CUSTOM, an intermediate fit between Drop6 and Drop7.
  • Drop4 for those with wide waist and chest
  • Once you have identified the Drop, you can check your size by comparing the sizes in each item under "size guide".

    How should I measure the shirt?

    The measurement of the shirt must be do taking into account the measurement of the neck, expressed in cm.

    However, the choice must be made on the basis of wearability, divided between:

  • SLIM, with pleats sewn on the back and fitted at waist
  • INTERMEDIUM, with a regular fit
  • CUSTOM slightly tighter than the intermedium fit
  • CLASSIC, with a comfortable fit and wide volumes, with open pleats on the back
  • What does a size M correspond to?

    The size scale relates an M to a size 48 and to follow the others.

    What is the 100s?

    By the definition of super 100s, or 120 or 140s, we mean the fineness of the yarn: the higher the value and more valuable is the fabric.

    How do I adjust for jackets and coats?

    All The outerwear takes into account the bulk, so you consider the usual size, unless otherwise indicated in the article..

    How do I measure the belt?

    For the measurement of our belts, you have to considering the double size of the trousers. Example if I have a size 52, my belt measurement will be 105 cm (52x2 = 104). Possibly consider the larger size if you want longer (they are almost all adjustable with screw).