Lanificio Angelico was founded in Ronco Biellese at the start of the 50's thanks to the passion and entrepreneurial foresight of Giuseppe Angelico.

A passion and foresight that his sons Alberto and Massimo have brought to an increasingly competitive market, turning Lanificio Angelico into a sector leader.

The value of origins

The excellence of Lanificio Angelico is the result of the passion and entrepreneurial foresight of its founder, and the uncompromising values that the Brand has built its history: the skills of qualified professionals, the culture of style, the excellence of the raw materials used.

A constantly evolving story

Tradition and innovation: the spirit and values of Giuseppe Angelico continue to keep abreast with a constantly evolving market thanks to the passion and foresight of his sons Alberto and Massimo. A market where Lanificio Angelico is now a leader in the sector, thanks to a manufacturing chain that allows it to produce up to 20,000 metres of fabric a day, and entire product collections.

Not simply a Lanificio (Wool Factory)

The innovative input by Alberto and Massimo Angelico has extended the company's wide range of production with an original and fresh flair: today, Angelico is no longer just a wool factory, but also a renowned brand in the menswear sector, with a sales network boasting 14 points of sale in Italy and 2 flagship stores in Switzerland and Dubai.

Angelico for sport

Since the 2005/2006 season, Angelico is the main sponsor of the Biella basketball team. This commitment identifies and reflects all the values in which the company pledges: its roots within the territory, the wealth of a sound and fair sport, and the importance of traditions.