Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions






For contacts and informations send en e-mail to: info.ecommerce@angelico.it

Unless otherwise stated, the prices of the products published by L.A.R. ITALIA SRL are inclusive of VAT according to the existing law. The prices of products from time to time published by L.A.R. ITALIA SRL cancel and replace any previous prices without any required notice and are subject to the availability of the same products and to the acceptance of the order by the seller.

The products are not supplied on a trial basis L.A.R. ITALIA SRL provides any suitable information on the characteristics of the products, though the Customer is the only responsible for choosing the products ordered. Images of products are descriptive and are not binding.

Any special offer presented by L.A.R. ITALIA SRL is valid while stocks last and it is subject to the availability of the products without any required notice; it is moreover subject to the availability of the corresponding goods under the responsibility of L.A.R. ITALIA SRL. Special offers presented by L.A.R. ITALIA SRL may not be combined with any other offers, discounts or promotions. Products which are offered as gifts or in special offers might be delivered in a promotional packaging (where packaging refers to boxes, handbooks, bags).

If a special offer presented by L.A.R. ITALIA SRL includes a complimentary item together with one or more of the purchased products, the Customer will have the right to receive this item only if explicitly requested on the order sent to L.A.R. ITALIA SRL. The shipment of this item will be valid while stocks last; in case of unavailability of the complimentary item, the Customer will not receive any other item as a substitution.

No warranty, assistance or substitution will be provided for complimentary products received from L.A.R. ITALIA SRL.


All purchase orders placed on L.A.R. ITALIA SRL Online Shop must be completed in their entirety and mus contain all necessary informations for the proper identifications of the products ordered. Each purchase order received by L.A.R. ITALIA SRL is deemed to be a purchase offer from the Customer and therefore it will be binding for L.A.R. ITALIA SRL only with the acceptance and confirmation of the order on the part of L.A.R. ITALIA SRL.

The fullfillment of an order on the part of L.A.R. ITALIA SRL will constitute acceptance and confirmation of the same. L.A.R. ITALIA SRL reserves its right to reject orders that are incomplete or not properly completed. In case an order is not fulfilled by L.A.R. ITALIA SRL (due to unavailability of the products ordered by the Customer), L.A.R. ITALIA SRL will promptly inform the Customer and refund him/her the amount they might have paid in advance, without having to remit any additional amount as a reimbursement. In this case the Customer agrees and undertakes not to have the right to claim any reimbursement and/or compensation for the non-fulfillment of the order, except fo the refund of the payment made in advance.

L.A.R. ITALIA SRL will issue a receipt for the goods purchased at the time the same goods will be shipped to the Customer. In case the Customer has a VAT registration number and wishes to receive an invoice, he/she will have to request it explicitly when placing the order. Otherwise, L.A.R. ITALIA SRL will issue no invoice for that order. It is not mandatory to be logged in as a member to place an order on this website. Details about payment method and delivery (see the next two paragraphs) will be requested on the order confirmation. However, a Customer who has a personal account on the website can take advantage of special offers and benefits, and be constantly informed about latest news. The Customer must provide true, valid and up-to-date information, since he is the only responsible for any false or misleading information ever given to L.A.R. ITALIA SRL. A registered Customer must always keep his username and password confidential and control the access to his computer by other people in order to prevent unauthorized accesses, since he is the only responsible of any activities carried out through his own account and password. The Customer commits himself to make sure that his password remains safe and confidential and to inform us promptly if a third person could have identified his password or if his password could have been used without authorization. In case of variation of address, mail address, telephone number or his personal details, the Customer must edit them by logging in and modifying his own "PERSONAL INFORMATION" before placing a new order on this website.


Payment refers to the total amount given by the prices of the products ordered and the shipping costs (where provided, see next paragraph). There are four methods of payment available: Bank transfer, Paypal, Credit card and Cash on delivery (COD)

Cash on Delivery

This method of payment has an additional cost of € 5,00(only for Italy). When Cash on Delivery is selected, the Customer will directly pay the shipper for the products ordered.

Please note that cash only will be accepted; the shipper will not accept any checques or payments by credit card.

By selecting "Cash on delivery" the Customer commits himself to accept the goods ordered and to be available for receiving the delivery by the shipper; otherwise, L.A.R. ITALIA SRL will reserve its right to charge the Customer for any extra shipping costs or storage fees.

Once a Customer has completed an order by selecting "Cash on delivery" as a payment method, our Customer Assistance will contact him to confirm the payment, delivery address and your availability times when needed.

In case the packaging has been visibly damaged or tampered with, the Customer can refuse the delivery (he must declare the reasons of the rejection on the delivery form in the presence of the shipper). In this case, the Customer will not be charged for the above mentioned extra costs, following verification by L.A.R. ITALIA SRL of the actual condition of packaging.

Bank Transfer

In case of payment made by bank transfer, the goods will be shipped only after the amount is credited to L.A.R. ITALIA SRL's bank account otherwise the order will be automatically canceled after five business days. The description of the bank transfer must contain the order number given in the order confirmation by e-mail.

Our bank information for the transfer are:



DESCRIPTION: Order #. ...

IBAN: IT 21 H 03268 44920 052722934170 SWIFT SELBIT2B

Credit Card

In case of payments by Credit card, only the total amount of the order will be authorized once the online payment is completed.

Online payments made by credit card are managed by GESTPAY (BANCA SELLA GROUP), which guarantees the total security of transactions thanks to its encryption system.

The total amount of the purchase is charged to the Customer once the order is fulfilled.


PayPal, an eBay group company, is a quick and secure payment system. Once payment through PayPal is completed, the purchaser will be redirected to the PayPal website where they can access their account by entering a personal e-mail address and their password, or creating a new account in a few simple steps. When selecting PayPal as a payment method, the amount is debited directly from the designated credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard) or prepaid card (PostePay). PayPal safeguards the purchaser's information so that no financial information is divulged. PayPal will send a confirmation e-mail for each transaction performed using this method. The amount of the order will be debited from the Customer's PayPal account at the time the order is placed. In case an order is canceled, the amount will be refunded to Customer's PayPal account.


All product prices are included in the price list published on the website on the day the order is placed and they include VAT for all countries. Any extra shipping cost will be calculated according to the delivery method and to the recipient's address. The Purchaser will take on the payment of any extra fees or taxes as required in their home country. All shippings will be made by EXPRESS COURIER. Delivery times may vary from 5 to 8 business days (except for orders placed on national holidays or festivities, whose delivery might be delayed for 5 more days), except for delays due only to the Delivery Service. Delivery terms, which have been carefully drawn up by L.A.R. ITALIA SRL, are to be intended as not binding for L.A.R. ITALIA SRL, who can be later confirm them or change them according to the actual availability of the products or for internal demands. Nevertheless, L.A.R. ITALIA SRL will do as much as possible to respect the standard delivery times. When the products are delivered, the Customer must promptly check that the delivery is complete and correct and inform L.A.R. ITALIA SRL about any problem by sending an email to: e-mail: info.ecommerce@angelico.it

Any delays of less than 30 days do not entitle the Customer to refuse the delivery of the goods or to claim any refund or compensation. L.A.R. ITALIA SRL is entitled to deliver the products (even if belonging to the same order) in different shipments, without charging the Customer for exra shipping costs. Any special delivery terms or conditions must be agreed in advance between the Customer and L.A.R. ITALIA SRL, and they must be confirmed by written means by L.A.R. ITALIA SRL. Shipping costs are completely free for delivieries in Italy.

The Customer will pay for shipping costs according to the method of payment selected by placing the order.


-The Customer commits himself to accept and be available to receive the goods delivered; otherwise, L.A.R. ITALIA SRL will reserve its right to charge him for any extra shipping cost or storage fees.

-In case of payment by Bank transfer, Credit card or Paypal, the Customer can refuse the delivery if the parcels are visibly damaged or tampered with (he must declare the reasons of the rejection on the delivery form in the presence of the shipper), and he must promptly send an email to L.A.R. ITALIA SRL and report in detail the reasons of the rejection. The Customer will be refunded for the total amount of his order, once L.A.R. ITALIA SRL has checked the real condition of the parcels. Therefore, we highly recommend that the Customer takes a few picture of the packages at the moment of delivery and attach them to the claim email sent to L.A.R. ITALIA SRL. In this case, the Customer acknowledges not to be entitled to claim any extra refund, except for he refund of the amount paid for the order; he also acknowledges that the refund could be partial.

-In case the goods delivered are different from the ones purchased, you must promptly send an email to L.A.R. ITALIA SRL, in order to plan the new shipment and the exchange of the goods. The Customer acknowledges not to be entitled to claim any extra refund, except for the refund of the amount paid for the order if the goods prove to be different from the ones purchased; he also acknowledges that the refund could be partial, in case the order contains several products and only some of them prove not to correspond with the ones purchased (this is also counts towards orders paid by Cash on Delivery).

-In case the Customer provides L.A.R. ITALIA SRL with a wrong shipping address, or wrong details that could prevent the delivery, the goods will be shipped back to L.A.R. ITALIA SRL; the Customer acknowledges and accepts that he will be charged for double shipment and that a 10,00€ fee will be withheld as a compensation to the Vendor for breach of contract from the Purchaser, who acknowledges and accept that his order will be then cancelled and he will be refunded for the amount difference between the original payment and the above mentioned charges.

-On the rare occasion the goods go astray during the shipping, L.A.R. ITALIA SRL will refund the Customer the total price of the order. In this case the Customer acknowledges and accepts that he is not entitled to claim any further reimbursement except for the one due for the lost of the goods.


Decree Law nr 24 february 2nd 2002, article1519-bis and following, (providing extension of warranty to two years according to law) shall apply to Consumers, that is, individuals who purchase goods on this website for purposes that do not belong to their professional activity. As regards other Purchasers, who normally provide their VAT number, warranties according to articles 1490 and following (providing extension of warranty to one year according to law).

L.A.R. ITALIA SRL guarantees (on products displayed on www.angelico.it) the only entirety of prodcuts at the moment of delivery. Claims relevant to non-conformities of the goods covered by L.A.R. ITALIA SRL Guarantee must be sent, on pain of forfeiture, within and not later than thirty (30) days from the goods arrival. In case the guarantee covers the above mentioned non-conformities, the Customer has the right to exchange the only defective articles against return of them, being his right to receive any further compensation or refund excluded. L.A.R. ITALIA SRL will take on the shipping costs of the exchange.

On products realized by others L.A.R. ITALIA SRL provides no guarantee but the one provided by the Manufacturer. Technical assistance or operations under guarantee are provided by the Manufacturer according to what described in the instructions shipped together with the products.

We remind you that no guarantee will be provided on complimentary items shipped by L.A.R. ITALIA SRL. For any assistance or further information you need, you can contact our Customer Service at: info.ecommerce@angelico.it


We have made every effort to display the colours and textiles of our goods that appear on the website as accurately as possible; however, as computer monitors vary, we cannot guarantee that goods will be exactly as depicted on the website.

The quality of our goods has been carefully verified before shipment.

Please arrange the shipment of the products you want to return in a unique delivery so that we can manage your refund easily and quickly. The goods must be returned inside their original packaging to make sure they are safe enough during the shipping. As shoe boxes are part of the product, we will not accept the the goods back in case the box has been damaged.


As per current legislation, the customer, so called if qualified as a “consumer” Dlgs. 206/2005 (legislative decree) identified as Codice del Consumo (User agreement) has the right to withdraw from contract and return ordered goods, without any penalty or giving any reason, within 14 working days (fourteen) from goods received. Withdraw can be wield by customer, through e-mailing at info.ecommerce@angelico.it or by fax to 0039015542811 or telegram to L.A.R. ITALIA SRL.

The cancellation rights apply to items that are unworn and in their original condition therefore authorized by L.A.R. ITALIA SRL who will release and send an authorization number (RMA), for the returning goods. Once number is received, the customer can proceed in returning by own courier or, for partial or total return (not for a substitution in size or other), with managed courier by Angelico in charging a special cost of 9.90€ (inclusive of VAT) for Italian countries (inclusive of VAT).

For goods returning from foreign countries , the same managed courier who processed the delivery can be used for collecting parcel at your premises, at the same costs charged as for delivery.

We suggest customer to simulate further order adding item to the cart, with Country of destination, and courier choice, to evaluate freight costs.

In order to confirm and arrange a suitable time for pick up, customer shall e-mail full details to info.ecommerce@angelico.it, furthermore details of packing weight and dimensions.

The cost of courier’s collect and transport will be deducted from the amount due or refund if any, when returning. If customer arranges pick up and can not be reached at confirmed pick up schedule, the customer shall arrange further courier’s collect and extra 5€ surcharge will be requested. The address destination of returns is: L.A.R. ITALIA SRL ANGELICO - VIA CAVOUR 67 – 13894 GAGLIANICO (BI). No returns with Cash on Delivery payments will be accepted.

Once items are received and identified as intact / unworn and in their original condition, L.A.R. ITALIA SRL shall, within 14 working days from notification of return, refund customer the value of returned goods (as indicated by Packing list), deducting whether necessary the amount of transport costs (comprehensive of the costs charged for the return when using preferential managed courier) which will be charged to customer.

The Right to Withdrawal can not be applied on items that have been clearly worn or damaged by the customer.

The Right to Withdrawal, furthermore, can not be applied to a user which is not identified as a “consumer” (Dlgs 206/2005 as above mentioned) , whom has purchased items and goods for business purposes or other reasons (i.e. instrumental, re selling..), and has contacted L.A.R. ITALIA SRL forwarding Vat Nr, registration nr and required regular invoice issueing.

The Right to Withdrawal is in any case not applicable when:

- Purchased articles /items/ products in original conditions /sealing/ packing, that have been damaged by customer;

- Items offered as free gifts.


For each order you place, you must accept our Privacy notice (click on the link to read it), which is an essential part of the existing agreement.


When you use the services of this website, purchase products on this website, or send us e-mail messages, you are electronically communicating with L.A.R. ITALIA SRL. L.A.R. ITALIA SRL communicates with the Customers by email or by publishing notices on this website. In order to comply with these conditions, the Customer must accept electronical communications from L.A.R. ITALIA SRL and acknowledges that any agreement, notice, information and other communications sent electronically by L.A.R. ITALIA SRL fulfill the same legal function of a written notice.


L.A.R. ITALIA SRL will do as much as possible to make sure that the accessibility to its website is provided without any interruptions or mistakes. Nevertheless, the nature of the Internet does not allow a 100% uninterrupted accessibility without any mistakes. Moreover, the access to this website might be occasionally interrupted in order to allow maintenance services. L.A.R. ITALIA SRL will do its best to limit the frequency of the above mentioned interruptions and limitations.

Users must not undertake any action that could damage or compromise the services prodived by this website or the accessibility to it. Users must acknowledge and accept they are responsbile for all electronical communications and contens sent to L.A.R. ITALIA SRL from their computer and that they can only avail themselves of the services for legal purposes.

Users of this website must have their computer protected with a special software or firewall: L.A.R. ITALIA SRL cannot be held liable for any damages caused by a virus on your computer.

L.A.R. ITALIA SRL cannot be held liable for any damaged files, mistakes, omissions or interruptions of the service, cancellation of contents, problems related to the internet, to the providers or telephone network, to unauthorized accesses, data alterations, to the malfunctioning of the electronic devices of the User himself.


The Vendor will not be responsible for any delays or non-fulfilment described in these sales conditions, in case the delay or non-fulfilment are caused by the occurrence of Force Majeure or unexpected event.


In case the liability of L.A.R. ITALIA SRL toward the Customer is ascertained – including the case of total or partial non-fulfillment of an order – L.A.R. ITALIA SRL shall assume no liability higher than the the total amount of the order, with the exception of damages caused on the basis of malice aforethought or gross negligence.


In case the Customer does not fulfill these General Terms, L.A.R. ITALIA SRL can choose not to excercise the rights toward the same Customer, without this being named as a waiver.


These Sale conditions are the only ones applicable and replace any other conjecture, except where otherwise agreed in writing by the two parties. The Customer is subject to the policies, terms and conditions in force at the time he avails himself of the services prodived by this website or purchases products.

L.A.R. ITALIA SRL reserves the right to modify these conditions any time and without notice.

The Users of this website accept these changes without any restriction. Therefore, these changes will be immediately valid and enforceable toward the customer, though they will not apply to orders placed before their publication on the website: on these orders the previous Terms and Conditions will apply, unless any change has been required for law or by competent authorities (in this case they will apply also to previous orders). In case one of these conditions is considered as invalid, revoked or unforceable for any reason, that same condition will not compromise the validity and appliability of the other sale conditions.


Italian legislation applies to these General Terms. With exception of applicability of binding regulations aimed at protecting the consumers' interests (as defined by the existing law), any controversy related to these General Terms will be submitted to the competent Court of the city of Biella.